Can I Get A Witness?

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Witnessing
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Recently during a time of study about the 12 spies (witnesses) that were sent to take a look a Canaan (Num. 13), my Spirit began to stir inside of me. Why are we still walking in the wilderness when the Kingdom of God is at hand?

You see, when our 12 witnesses (disciples) were sent out, they came back with a good report. They were given power and authority over all devils and to cure disease. Jesus sent them to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick (Luke 9:1-11), so that is what they did.

You might think but those were disciples and they walked with Jesus, as if being there bodily with Him qualified them to receive more power than we do today.

The truth is, Jesus goes everywhere we go, and He lives inside us (Gal 2:20).

Perhaps you might still think – Ok, but Jesus just sent the 12 and not me personally.

Let’s turn the page and go to Luke 10.  Here, Jesus sends out 72 and they also came back with a good report! They were amazed that “even the demons submit to us in Your name,” (Luke 10:17).

Are you amazed yet? No, it wasn’t just the 12 or just the 72. If you believe in the Gospel of Jesus you too will cast out devils, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, drink any deadly thing and it will not hurt you in the name of Jesus.  You will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

If you have your faith in Jesus, you have been commissioned to preach the Gospel (Mark 16;16-20). He will go with you to confirm His word with signs following.  Just like the 12 and the 72, He has sent you, too!

Today, many of us, as the children of Israel chose to believe the spies who came back with a bad report, we have believed the bad report of our experience and not the Word of God. The children of Israel spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness. I, myself, get tired of living in the wilderness when the Kingdom of Heaven is right here, at hand.

It’s time to believe the good report.

The lost, sick, blind, and all those in bondage are waiting to be healed. The Kingdom is within you. Step out in faith, preach the Gospel, and watch as Jesus confirms His word.

Please share your witness – your testimony – of God’s love in the comment section below. Encourage others to do the same.

  1. Tina Belcher says:

    I’m so thankful for all God has done…as a Child I had a Tumor on my face. My Mother and Father did not Allow the bad report of the Doctor to enter their heart. God spoke to my Mother and she obeyed. She would pray for healing. After seven days the Tumor was gone and I was healed..In 2009 I was diagnosed with Diabetes..and just like my Mother I did Not accept the Bad Report…God healed Me. God has done Great things in my life. I am truely thankful. I know what God can do and I know he is alive and working on my behalf. Thankyou God for sending your Son Jesus Christ. God sees Every need. I hope Someone will be encouraged today. God Bless and Touch all that will read this post. Encourage them and cover them with Healing,Peace and Salvation Amen.

  2. I had absolutely nothing and no one. I had run 500 miles from my entire life, friends, family, and church to escape an abusive situation, and was living with my daughter as a single mother in a women’s shelter in a large town as my son finished his year of grade school out with my parents. The only thing I had was Jesus. He filled my life full of love and promise, and after everything and everyone had left, He filled up that void. In my weakest moment, He was my strength. A lot of people don’t know that story. All they see is what a wonderful husband I have now, and what a lovely family I have. They see the smile on my face and have no idea about that awful time in my life. Jesus showed me how a life can truly be redeemed and made whole just by staying close to Him. I prayed every day. I clinged to the promises I knew were true, even though it looked quite the opposite. I read my Bible with trembling hands, turning to Psalms 91, when I would be afraid of what would happen in the middle of the night, or who would find me, or when I would wonder if my kids would ever have a future. I thought all of my dreams had been shattered, but He is still, despite it all, making them come true every day. He is my joy, my strength, my healer, and my restorer. Even now, when things get hard, I can remember where He has brought me from, and suddenly, He is there, being my All-in-All. Thank you, Jesus, for restoring my life. You were and ARE the answer to all of my questions. You are my Creator. You are my everything. I know I am created to worship You, and in that, I find my fulfillment and life’s purpose. I pray that my life can show others and that You use me as a funnel for Your great love to everyone whose path connects with mine.

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